Request access to the Beeline GitHub repository

Thank you for purchasing Beeline or enrolling in the University. Beeline is an amazing tool that simplifies your workflow by using a single keyword to expand out to entire functions, classes, or files. With a vast array of keywords available, you can accomplish various tasks in Magento.

Request Access to the GitHub Repository

Below this guide is a link to request access to the GitHub repository. This is where you can link your Beeline license to your email address and GitHub account.

  1. Fill in your email address that you used to purchase Beeline or enroll in the University (e.g., mark+[email protected]).
  2. Ensure that Beeline is selected in the list and then click 'Look Up Record'.

If a license hasn't been found for your email address, it's likely you are using a different email address or account than you used to purchase Beeline.

Link Your GitHub Account

To continue, you will need a GitHub account. If you don't already have one, set one up. We will be using your GitHub username to assign access.

  1. Enter your GitHub username (e.g., mark1shust) in the box provided.
  2. Click the 'Link My GitHub Account' button.

You should receive a message that says, "Thanks, you have been invited to collaborate." You will also receive an email that says you have been invited to the repository.

Click the 'Accept the Invitation' link in the email to accept the invite. By doing so, you will gain access to the Beeline repository. Please note that this is a private GitHub repository, and you won't have access to Beeline unless you follow these steps.

Continue Setting Up in PhpStorm

To continue setting things up in PhpStorm, follow the remaining instructions, which will be covered in the next video.

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