Set up Beeline in PhpStorm

Now that we have access to the Beeline GitHub repo, let's move forward with the installation. There are just two simple steps in getting Beeline installed in PhpStorm.

Cloning the Repository

First, clone the Beeline GitHub repo to a local location. To do this, copy the following line:

git clone [email protected]:macademy/beeline-magento-2-phpstorm.git

Next, open PhpStorm, go to Terminal, and paste the line. This will clone the Beeline GitHub repo to your local sites directory into a beeline-magento-2-phpstorm directory. If you don't have an SSH key set up in your GitHub account, you can use the HTTPS URL method instead of the SSH version.

Symlinking the Templates Directory

After cloning the repo, symlink the templates directory within the cloned directory into PhpStorm's configuration directory. The exact directory location depends on your operating system, but since Beeline is meant to run on macOS, the following lines can be used:

mkdir -p ~/Library/Application\\ Support/JetBrains/PhpStormXXXX.X/templates
ln -s ~/Sites/beeline-magento-2-phpstorm/templates/* ~/Library/Application\\ Support/JetBrains/PhpStormXXXX.X/templates/

Replace XXXX.X with the appropriate PhpStorm version number (for example, 2023.1). Note that the version number changes every time PhpStorm updates.

Copy and paste the first line into Terminal to ensure a templates directory is set up within the PhpStorm configuration location. Then, copy and paste the second line into Terminal to symlink the Beeline templates into the PhpStorm configuration directory of templates.

Confirming Beeline Installation

To confirm the installation, quit PhpStorm and restart it. Once restarted, go to PhpStorm settings, then Editor, and finally Live Templates. You should see directories for Beeline for Magento. Expand one of these directories to see all the available live templates.

Updating Beeline

Keep in mind that updates are not automatic. To update Beeline to the latest version, go to the Beeline directory you checked out this repository to, and type git pull. This will ensure Beeline is up-to-date.

The default license for Beeline provides you with one year of updates. It is your responsibility to ensure you have a copy of the code before the expiration occurs. Now you have successfully installed and set up Beeline. In the next tutorial, we will go over some simple usage of how to use Beeline in your day-to-day workflows.

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