Requirements for the Inventory Fulfillment module

In this lesson, we will discuss the requirements and functionality of an Inventory Fulfillment module built using Knockout.js in Magento. This module will be a simplified version of Amazon’s fulfillment shipping plan functionality, focusing on the user interface.

User Story

The user story for this module is as follows:

As an end user, I would like to create a shipping plan for inventory fulfillment using an online form.

Module Functionality

The module should allow users to:

  1. Enter a SKU and create a shipping plan for it.
  2. Look up the product using the SKU entered in the form.
  3. Assign multiple box configurations for the shipment.
  4. Enter the units per box, number of boxes, box weight, and box dimensions.

Once the box configurations are entered, the user should be able to confirm the configurations and view the total number of boxes and shipment weight. After accepting the shipping plan, the request should be submitted to the merchant.

Technical Assumptions

For this module, we will assume the following:

  1. Only one SKU per shipping plan will be used.
  2. There is no need to estimate shipping costs at this point.
  3. Backend submission handling will be done at a later stage.

Development Estimate

The development estimate for this module is a medium to large task, taking anywhere from a few days to a week or more. Experienced developers should be able to finish the task within a few days, while beginning and intermediate developers may take longer. This is due to the complexity of working with Knockout.js in Magento and the need to understand advanced Knockout concepts and UI components.

In case of uncertainties during the development process, developers can always return to this module requirements document to ensure they are building what is expected.

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