Intro & prerequisites

Welcome to this course! Are you ready to start customizing the Magento 2 checkout?

This is an advanced course not intended for the Magento newbie. Before continuing, please ensure you are familiar with:

  • Magento fundamentals
  • JavaScript fundamentals (RequireJS & Components)
  • UI Components

This course assumes you have knowledge of all of the above prerequisites.

The Magento 2 checkout is one of, if not the hardest area of Magento to customize. You will need determination, will power & patience in order to succeed.

Try your best not to get frustrated! It is very possible to learn how to customize, and even become an expert in Magento's checkout process if you are determined.

Need help? Post it directly on the lesson itself to keep the context, or if something is more involved you can post it on Campus in the Debugging Help space.

Are you a University student, and want to make sure your code is using best practices? Post it up in the Review My Code space, and I'll personally review your code.

If you need help with these prerequisites, please check out these related Magento courses:


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